Colombia Los Mandarinos
Green Coffee Beans

  • Roast Level: Light/Medium

    Process: Fully washed and sun dried



     Full bodied chocolate with a hint of citrus

    V60 Pour Over / Cupping

     Well rounded body with a sweet and smooth tangerine brightness.

  • Grown: Socorro, Santander

    Altitude: 1,521m

    Varietal: Castillo

    Farm Info:

    This beautiful farm is perched on a hillside just outside the small town of Socorro, Santander on what used to be a commercial orange farm. These days, the orange trees line the edge of several lots of 100% Castillo varietal coffee trees growing in front of the family's home. Maria and Alfonso have been farming for almost 20 years and believe strongly in producing quality coffee and proper land stewardship. They have moved from a traditional washed processing method to a modified washed method utilizing a machine called a ‘desmusilaginador’. This ecological processing method uses a machine to de-pulp and wash the fruit off of the bean in a much more efficient way. The traditional method requires the seeds to be soaked and washed after de-pulping which uses 40 litres of water for every 1 kg of roasted beans to wash. The desmusilaginador cuts water consumption down to 4 litres of water for every 1 kg of green beans. This tenfold decrease in water dramatically reduces strain on local water supplies and decreases the amount of water to be filtered before being returned to the water table.

  • Our espresso recipe using 20g vst
    20g in
    42g out
    in 25 to 30 seconds


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