Altura Lavado
Green Coffee Beans

  • Roast Level: Medium/Dark

    Process: Fully washed and sun dried



    Rich Chocolate with a subtle smokey/tobacco and fruity body as it cools.

    V60 Pour Over / Cupping

    Dark chocolate and mildly smokey with a subtle spice, hints of tobacco.  A bold array of flavours but not overbearing.  

  • Grown: Sierra Maestra Mountains

    Altitude: 1000m

    VarietalBourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catui & Catimor

    Farm Info:

    This Country has a reputation of producing a coffee that is just as unique as it is rare, especially in North America. Grown chemically free in small batches under the rain forest canopies of the Sierra Maestra Mountains, which are located in the South West of the island the coffee is processed in the traditional way of being hand picked, washed and sun dried. The result of this is a coffee that is very clean but with lots of body and hints of chocolate and spice.  

  • Our espresso recipe using 20g vst
    20g in
    42g out
    in 27 to 32 seconds


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