Bona fida Canadian jester. Likes to work hard and play harder. Involved in more extracurricular activities than most. Stuck in a gondola? He’ll rescue you. Want your kids to make the hockey team? He’ll teach ‘em. Want a delicious coffee? No problem; he’s well versed in both abstract and conventional latte art. If he’s not taking life firmly by the hobbies, find him napping or plotting global media domination on Facebook or Twitter.

HOW THEY DRINK IT: Aeropress or cappuccino



Part of the infamous and vast ‘Hodge Clan’ which masterminded RAVE Coffee in the UK. Deano experimented with an array of occupations - including engineer and ski instructor - before concluding:
1) The Rockies deserved better coffee.
2) He wanted to be a roaster when he grew up.
Want a perfectly crafted Cappuccino? Tick. Career advice? Take a seat..

HOW THEY DRINK IT: Light roast pour over or Piccolo



Skilled behind the coffee bar and the roaster, Taylor knows a lot of what’s going on behind the scenes at RAVE. A native of Calgary, and well-travelled like the rest of the team, his passion for coffee began in New Zealand and continues today as RAVE’s newest coffee connoisseur. His goal is to explore the world looking for the next best coffee bean just to keep all the RAVERs' endless appetites for exceptional coffee satisfied.

HOW THEY DRINK IT: Straight up Ristretto




Keen on coffee to start with, we knew Sara would be a great fit here at RAVE. Arriving from the Prairies of Manitoba she is still getting used to not being able to see the horizon in every direction and also not being able to see her dog run away for 2 days. Sara is also a passionate lover of Dad jokes so feel free to impress her with your best on your next visit to the roastery. 

HOW THEY DRINK IT: Pour Over or Piccolo



Rave’s newest model of foreign barista arrives from Sydney, Australia, bringing along with her a wealth of coffee knowledge and experience from her time working at a boutique café. She steams milk like a machine and whips out latte art like she doesn’t even have to try. Future goals are to learn more about the roasting side of the business and to grow her coffee knowledge further. 

HOW THEY DRINK IT: Ristretto or Piccolo



A rare Banff local, born and raised, Albert can drink more coffee on average per day than the rest of the team combined. He calls it creativity fuel. Friends and family call it an addiction. Both are true. RAVE has had a huge role in his creative endeavours, supercharging his out-of-work activities since day one. He claims he owes most of his success in the music, fashion, arts, and photography industries to the sudden influx of great coffee in the Bow Valley some years ago…  

HOW THEY DRINK IT: Anything and everything