August 01, 2017

New Season Arrivals

The roastery is in full development mode with no less than 6 new arrivals over the last couple of weeks which we shall slowly be releasing over the next month as we perfect the roast on each one.

One big focus this year is on Guatemalan coffee in which we have bought up a few different micro lots to highlight why this growing region has become extremely popular. The release of these will be staggered to give you time to sample each one over time and to see how they develop.

As well as the Guatemalan coffees our Ethiopian selection is once again going to turn heads as we have gone back again to the Adado washing station for their amazing natural which is full of fruity blueberry flavour notes once again.

April 14, 2017

Easter Holiday Hours

Our hours of operation remain unchanged over the Easter Holidays, 8am - 6pm every day!
September 28, 2016

New Arrivals


With summer slowly slipping away we have some new offerings to get you through the fall and ready for the winter months ahead. The standout of these is a Costa Rican white honey process coffee from the famous Cafetalera Herbazu Estate that has an extremely well balanced sweetness and acidity. The farmer Antonio Barrantes is dedicated to his craft and has constantly placed well in the Costa Rican cup of excellence competitions placing 3rd this year and 1st in 2015.

The processing of a coffee as a white honey is the same as a pulped natural coffee where 25% of the fruit mucilage from the coffee cherry is left on the parchment, which is low in comparison to a yellow honey process where 50% is kept on. This results in a slightly milder acidic brightness and a lot more body.


It is with great excitement that we are happy to announce our newest coffee blend, the Fast Track Blend! This blend has been developed with one goal in mind and that is to help a young athlete, Rachel Klassen, achieve her goal to represent Canada Luge for the next winter Olympic games in 2018. Proceeds of this coffee shall go directly to Rachel to help with the ongoing costs of training and travel. Expect lots of bold spicy chocolate flavors from this blend and a touch of brightness as it cools.

March 19, 2016

Special Announcement!

We have some exciting news RAVE Coffee lovers! In a recent competition, 17 of Canada’s best coffee roasters submitted coffee in unmarked white bags and the mystery coffees were cupped by a national tasting panel. The panel consisted of 16 highly trained coffee professionals located all across Canada. They each voted for their top 3 coffees and after all the votes were calculated a winner was determined. The prize for the winner was to be the exclusive coffee supplier and sponsor of the Canadian AeroPress Championship.
With this in mind we are very proud to announce that we came in as the runner-up in this year’s competition which is a huge achievement for us considering the competition we were up against.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for all your support over the last couple of years and in return we promise to keep on delivering you unique and exceptional coffee offerings from around the world.

February 21, 2016

New Arrivals

Now available to purchase online are two new coffees. The first is a grade 1 Ethiopian from the Dumerso washing station. Expect lots of floral notes from this coffee and a very subtle acidity and sweetness that makes this a very drinkable coffee. As an espresso is where it really shines with an abundance of flavour but also great on the V60.

The second new coffee now available here in Canada is a blend developed by the RAVE UK crew called Chatswood blend. No matter how you brew this coffee expect an abundance of dark chocolate flavours and a small hint of citrus in the background. It has been a big hit across the water and we expect it to be just as popular here in Canada.

September 22, 2015

Cuban Coffee

One of our most popular coffees has also now become one of our most controversial and due to circumstances out of our control we have had to stop advertising this product on our website. The good news is that if you are in Canada then you can still purchase this product so send us an email and we shall set something up for you. Our apologies go out to our US based customers, your going to have to wait a little while longer before we can send out this great coffee to you.
February 25, 2015

The importance of your roast date

How important is a roast date?  We look at when our bread was baked. We look at when our meat was cut. We look at all 360 degrees of every vegetable and fruit then smell it before we put it in our shopping cart. Shouldn't we look at the roast date on our coffee? Somewhere down the road we never picked that up.

This needs to STOP! You are right in saying your year old coffee won't kill you, but this isn't Egyptian honey we’re talking about. It might still taste like coffee, but it isn’t something you can RAVE about! You deserve better. If you’re looking for good coffee, you have to look for the roast date, and demand one. Having a freshest before date isn’t good enough. No, you want coffee that tastes good, not coffee that just-isn’t-bad-yet.  If a company doesn't have a roast date that means they have stopped caring about their freshness of their coffee and started thinking about how full their shelves are. We apologize if you’ve come into RAVE and we’ve run out of our Kenyan microlot. We really are because it’s an amazing coffee. We’ve got a great excuse though. Some gentleman who looks like Einstein and really likes his coffee just bought our last kilo. We made enough to keep it fresh. Your regular grocery store can’t guarantee that and countless other coffee sources can’t either. We’ll have some more for you before you can say Yirgacheffe correctly.

Think that’s too much to think about? After coffee is roasted it releases gases and over time develops flavour.  At RAVE we don’t put any coffee in our espresso hopper until it's at least 6 days old, 8-10 days preferably.  At an espresso level it can be way too acidic and bright if brewed too early. Between the 1 week and 5 week period, coffee is at its best.  After 5 weeks it starts to lose flavour and go downhill from there. If you aren’t going through your coffee within two months of buying a bag you should probably think about buying a smaller bag.

Okay, so you bought a small bag of beans that are fresh, 6 days from roast- the perfect time to start using it. But you’re going away on a week vacation in a couple days. You have to put them in your freezer because that keeps them fresher...? Sorry another myth, just like lighter roasts having more caffeine.  All of our bags have a one-way valve to let the gases escape the bag and all of our 250g bags are resealable to make them air tight. Put that on your shelf where you keep your spices, your cups, your crackers at room temperature.  No freezer or fridge for those precious beans!


Be careful when grinding your coffee to not leave it out for too long. The increased surface area of ground coffee speeds up the degassing process and ultimately you will lose the freshness of the coffee. Even the best coffee beans can taste stale if you leave them ground for too long.


October 17, 2014

New Coffee Arrival!

There is excitement in the roastery as we have recently sourced a new African single origin coffee, a Ethiopian Sidamo from the town of Shakiso. We are currently experimenting with a totally new roast profile for this coffee to try and find that perfect sweet spot to highlight the well balanced acidity and mild sweetness this coffee is renowned for. Once we are satisfied that it meets the high expectations set for our single origins and is available to purchase we will let you know!
April 26, 2014


Welcome to our new website! We are still currently adding content along with our full selection of coffee beans however we hope to have this fixed in the near future. If there is something that you require during this time please email us at